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Tracy and Sam's Enchanting Elopement: A Tale of Love, Culture, Family, and Unity.

Updated: Jul 1

For Tracy and Sam, a traditional wedding simply couldn't capture the essence of their love. After eight beautiful years together, they yearned for a celebration that would not only honour their future but also cherish their loved ones. Opting for an elopement, they sought an intimate, casual, and candid experience that felt just right. They invited me to document their special evening, where family played a central role - from the heartfelt ceremony to the family dinner that followed.


 An elopement on a cliff facing the beach at Amity Point at North Stradbroke Island. The newly wed couple walk off the beach front while looking at each other while the mother of the groom walks by herself in front of them.

Capturing Magic: How the Evening Unfolded with Moonstone Studio's Elopement Photographer, Jamila Filippone

Location: Minjerribah, Quandamooka Country, North Stradbroke Island.

As I arrived at their tranquil North Stradbroke Island haven, I found a serene bride and her family. I was quick to capture Sam as his sister dressed him in traditional Tongan attire.

When the time came we strolled to a sacred spot on the Amity Point beach. This breathtaking locale held profound significance for Tracy's family, the Indigenous elders of the land. As we awaited Tracy's arrival, a pod of dolphins graced us with their presence, as if sending their blessings.

As the sun began its descent, Tracy, escorted by her father, graced the sandy aisle. Her sister initiated a moving smoking ceremony with native leaves, a ritual embraced by all. Tracy's father officiated the union, and amid tears, beautiful vows, and an overwhelming sense of love, I felt deeply honoured to witness this intimate ceremony.

Post-ceremony, we descended to the water's edge, where Tracy's father - the celebrant, presented the wedding documents. Here, against a backdrop of driftwood and the fading light, I captured the couple in dreamy, romantic portraits.

We then retreated to their accommodation, where the evening unfolded in the kitchen. Sam's mother and sister prepared a traditional feast, while I documented the laughter, conversations, hugs, and, most importantly, the palpable love that filled the air.

The following morning, I embarked on the North Gorge Walk at Point Lookout, a breathtaking journey. Nature had more enchantment in store, with pods of whales, Manta Rays, turtles, wallabies, and dolphins gracing the landscape.


Takeaways for Couples

  • An intimate wedding need not break the bank – minimal vendors can still create a beautiful day.

  • Let your wedding ideas flourish; uniqueness trumps tradition.

  • Consider eloping for a stress-free, intimate celebration.

  • Nature may surprise you – like a pod of dolphins saying hello!

Tracy and Sam's love story is a testament to the power of intimacy and uniqueness. As a Brisbane elopement photographer, Moonstone Studio specialises in capturing the essence of love stories like theirs. Let us tell your unique love story with artwork that will forever capture your hearts.

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