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Moonstone Studio is a Brisbane based wedding photography boutique.

We are passionate about capturing all the good vibes on your wedding day.

Two brides, lesbian's (LGBTQIA+) married couple stand together laughing and holding hands

Who we are.

Welcome to Moonstone Studio, where the artistry of award-winning photographer Jamila Filippone brings together a perfect fusion of editorial, documentary, and fine art photography. Our passion lies in capturing the essence of your special day, creating a whimsical and enchanting collection of images that could grace the pages of a boutique wedding magazine.

If you're planning a wedding or elopement in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast or their picturesque surroundings, look no further. Moonstone Studio is your dedicated partner in preserving the moments of romance, joy, and happy tears that will define your love story.

We adore exploring new destinations, so rest assured that we are well-equipped to tailor a photography plan to meet your unique needs, whether you're celebrating in the heart of Brisbane, the coastal charm of Byron Bay, or any enchanting spot in between.

Step into our dreamy world of love and celebration. For a broader view of our artistic talents, be sure to visit our sister company at to explore our extensive portfolio of photographic work.

At Moonstone Studio, we don't just capture moments; we craft timeless memories.


Let's embark on this photographic journey together!


Moonstone - the gem of love, passion, sexuality, fertility & new beginnings.

Two brides, lesbian's (LGBTQIA+) married couple stand together laughing and holding hands.

Jamila was amazing. We are so glad we found her for our special day. She captured everything, and I love how she got it all perfect.

She made the surprise wedding one to always remember!

Ellie Trapini

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